Victoria Foglino

NBS Projects Technical Analyst

Environmental Engineer (National University of San Martín) and a recipient of two academic exchange scholarships (University of Tennessee, USA, and University of Granada, Spain). She has worked in both the public and private sectors on various environmental projects, including leading the project for calculating the water footprint (Life Cycle Assessment) for AySA and participating in the review and evaluation of the Indicator System of Matanza Riachuelo Basin Authority (ACUMAR). She has also worked as a Project Assistant in the Corredor Azul Program of Wetlands International, as an environmental consultant at the Institute of Environmental Research and Engineering (3iA), and as a Sustainability Expert at San Martin Suarez and Asociados (SMS). She has experience in diagnosing socio-environmental issues and designing problem-solving proposals. She has completed courses such as “QGIS” (offered by the National University of Córdoba – UNC), “QGIS II” (IGN), “Diploma in Energy Transition” (UNSAM), “Carbon Footprint” (IRAM), “Local Greenhouse Gas Inventories” (Argentine Network of Municipalities for Climate Change – RAMCC), among others. Currently working as a technical analyst in NBS projects (Nature-Based Solutions).