Carbon credits certification / Climate mitigation projects

Projects which contribute to climate mitigation by reducing greenhouse gases emissions or capturing carbon dioxide can certify carbon credits through different international standards such as: VCS, CCB, GC and CDM.

Nowadays/Currently, the most relevant type of projects are nature based solutions (NBS). Among them we can highlight:

Forest conservation and regeneration

Commonly known as REDD+, these projects protect and restore forests by increasing their carbon content.

Forest plantations

These projects establish new forests where there were previously pastures or agricultural lands, creating a new carbon sink.

Regenerative livestock and agriculture

Through improved management practices, these projects preserve and increase the carbon content in agricultural and livestock soils.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste and effluent management projects are also emphasized.

Renewable energies
Energy efficiency
Residues and wastewater management

ProSustentia assists you throughout the entire process, from analyzing the project's mitigation potential to marketing carbon credits. Specifically, our services are oriented towards:

Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis

We help you determine the mitigation potential and applicability to the selected standard.

Planning, Structuring, and Financing

We assist you in identifying potential investors and project participants.

Carbon Certification Process

We support you from stakeholder consultations to monitoring, verification, registration, and issuance of carbon credits

Carbon Credit Trade

Through an extensive network of contacts in the global carbon market, we help you achieve the best deal for the sale of your credits